COMPANY NAME : PT.Global Gemilang Sukses



TYPES OF GOODS:  OIL and Chemical Lubricants

Vision :

“We are striving to be the leading company in industrial and automotive lubricants and chemical products by providing the highest quality product in order to meet customer’s satisfaction and needs in Indonesia and abroad.”

Mission :

  • Fulfilling market’s needs with our high quality product for industrial and automotive consumption.
  • Continuously fulfilling customer’s expectation from the beginning of our mutual relationship
  • Cater to every customer’s needs by giving competitive product in term of price and quality.
  • Gaining trust from customer by giving the best services and consistency in quality.




Global Gemilang Sukses (GGS) founded in the late 1990’s by Mr. Sudjiatno It is a family business company engaged in trading lubricants goods and retail business, selling all kind of brand for automotive lubricant. Until in late 1990’s we approach Global Petroleum, LTD a lubricant and chemical company based in the United States and appeal to become their distributor. In 1999 Global petroleum, LTD acknowledged PT. GGS as a bonafide company and they pointed and grant us, to be their exclusive distributor in industrial lubricants and chemicals. After years of success in industrial lubricants business, we expand our automotive business with our own brand “GLOBAL PETRO AMERICA” that has been formulated by Global petroleum, LTD.

Global Petro America is a locally manufactured lubricant product with adapted technology from United States company, Global Petroleum, LTD.

Global Petroleum itself is a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of premium industrial, commercial lubricant and chemical maintenance products for industrial and automotive. Based in Rowland Height CA, USA Global Petroleum produced either synthetic lubricant such as PAO, polyesther, esther or hydro refine mineral base lubricant that can perform as good as synthetic lubricant by using the best additives. Therefore we are very satisfied of our products that has been formulated by Global Petroleum. GLOBAL PETRO AMERICA the most innovative, integrated lubricant with our finest technology of MRM’s (Mutually Reactive Molecules) which is a unique formulation additives work as molecular bonding to metal, to protect metal from wear resulting of metal contacts.